Namibia Tourism

Four epic videos for the Namibian Tourist Board.

Nepal – an epic journey

After three weeks of editing, 10,000 keyframes and endless render bars I’m quite satisfied with the result: My best piece so far. Needless to say I have no idea what to do with all my free time now… If you ever get the chance to visit this beautiful country: do not hesitate.

Switzerland in 60 seconds

What a country! What a trip! In 60 seconds. To discover the real Switzerland you’ll have to leave the motorway. This is exactly what we did and it was stunning. Join us on our epic road trip through the alps in cooperation with Mazda.


Cape Town in 60 seconds

You want to know what Cape Town is all about? Give us 60 seconds. We tried to capture as much as we could of this mesmerizing place. The beaches, the views, the surroundings. The highlights of one of the most fascinating cities in the world.


Kenya in 60 seconds

It doesn’t get much wilder than Kenya. Here are the highlights in 60 seconds. Tim spent two weeks in this truly epic country with unique wildlife and culture. But have a look at it yourself.

South Africa in 60 seconds

You think South Africas highlights can’t be done in 60 seconds? You’re damn right. But we tried it anyway. The diversity of the country, the stunning landscapes, animals and vibrant cities gave us a hard time to choose though. Enjoy!

Nicaragua in 60 seconds

Nicaragua: Our idea of Central America. It is stunning, easy to visit but most of all absolutely unspoiled. And we just need 60 seconds to prove it. Tim spent one week here in late September and definitely recommends it to everyone.

Patagonia in 60 seconds

Patagonia. We always wanted to go there. Tim spent one week in the southernmost part of the americas, jumped on a ship and came back speechless. He wanted to see the end of the world. And he failed. But have a look yourself in this END OF THE WORLD SPECIAL by

Düsseldorf in 60 seconds

You want to know what Düsseldorf is all about? Give us 60 seconds. We spent a couple of days in this gem of Germany (no pun intended) and tried to portrait the relaxed yet vibrant feel of the city.

Panama in 60 seconds

Panama has everything you can ask for: two oceans, a stunning capital and staggering jungle. Tim spent one week here in late September 2016 and came back with monkey-, sloth- and rum-content. In 60 seconds.

Zambia in 60 seconds

So I’ve been to Zambia…

Cologne in 60 seconds

Cologne offers so much more than carnival. Need proof in 60 seconds? We checked out Germany’s underestimated city and were delighted by the friendliness of its residents – and much more. Here are the highlights!

Nepal in 60 seconds

A trip to Nepal should be on everyone’s bucket list! Here’s the proof in 60 seconds. It’s not a vacation. Nor is it a walk in the park. But it’s an epic adventure beyond imagination. We spend three weeks on the Annapurna Circuit in the stunning Himalayan Mountains. This is the result.

Nürnberg in 60 Seconds

We checked out the laid-back gem Nuremberg – very German and very surprising at the same time. Here’s what the lovely city is all about, in 60 seconds! Includes manatees, cats and – sure, sausages!

Hamburg in 60 seconds

You want to know what Hamburg is all about? Just give us a minute! We spent three days in Germanys vibrant harbour city and even met a local legend. Here are our highlights. In 60 seconds.

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