South African Tourism

We had the pleasure to work with the South African Tourist Board and answered the most frequently asked Tourist-Questions in 12 short videos.

See all 12 Clips here:

Veez – the label

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Dallmayr Catering

Kamera: Vincent Schulist
Schnitt: Tim Wessling

Bayerischer Yacht Club, Starnberg

Regie: Tim Wessling
Kamera: Christina Karl
Drone: Dominik Wortmann
Schnitt: Tim Wessling

Digital Unit: Kienbaum und etventure

Redaktion & Regie: Tim Wessling
Kamera: Chris Fay
Schnitt: Tom Schröder

Travel Reel 2015

Countries: Germany, Austria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Thailand, USA, Great Britain, South Africa, Japan, South Korea and at least one step in North Korea.


Imagefilm Werk1.Bayern

Autor: Tim Wessling
Kamera: Chris Fay
Schnitt: Thomas Schröder